You're My Person candy caramel gift box for BFFs
You're My Person caramels wrapped in quotes for everyone
You're My Person caramel gift box wrapped in quotes
You're My Person caramel candy gifts for BFFs
You're My Person caramel candy gifts and quotes for friends
You're my person caramel candy gift box wrapped in positive quotes
All-natural caramel wrapped in positive quotes for Valentine's Day
Caramel Gift Box - You're My Person
Creamy all-natural sea salt, chocolate sea salt and vanilla caramel

Caramel Gift Box - You're My Person

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Martha Stewart Good Karmal food review"Delicious and memorable snacks. Each candy comes wrapped in an inspirational, uplifting quote that guests can keep as party favors." Martha Stewart Living Magazine

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Your person. The one who's always there -- through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Surprise them with the gift of creamy caramel, wrapped in all the sweet things you wish for them (Good Times, Good Heart, Good Life, Good Karma, Good Vibes) and inscribed with a different quote suitable for everyone. Your choice of 5, 10, 20, 30 or 60 all-natural, artisanal caramels.

Our current caramel flavors are Vanilla, Sea Salt and Chocolate Sea Salt.

Our caramels do not contain any preservatives, so they are best when consumed within 1 month of delivery.

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