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General Questions

What is Good Karmal?

What are the quotes that come on each wrapper?

How big are your caramels?

What are your ingredients?

Do your products contain nuts?

Are your caramels Kosher?

What flavors do you offer?

Can I customize my flavor mix?

How long will my caramels stay fresh?


General Questions

Can I send an order via email?

Can I place an order by fax?

Can I send an order in the mail?

Can I call you with my order?

Can you bill my company for corporate orders?

Can I send you my gift list rather than ordering through the website?

What payment methods do you accept?

Will I be charged sales tax?

Is Good Karmal available in stores?

How do I place a wholesale order for my retail store?

If I want an order delivered at a future date, when should I order?

Can I buy just pieces of caramel without the fancy packaging?

Is there a discount if I order a bunch?

I am sending Good Karmal as a gift. Is pricing information included in the shipment?

Can you gift wrap my order?

Will you include my business card in my gifts?

How do I send a gift to another address?

I need to ship to two different addresses. Can I do that in one order?

Can I get a sample before I buy?

Will the caramel melt if I order during the summer?


General Questions

When will my order ship?

What shipping carrier do you use?

How can I track the shipment of my order?

Can I ship to multiple addresses?

Can my order be held and shipped at a later date?

Do you ship to other countries?

Can UPS leave the package without a signature?


General Questions

How soon should I place my order for the holidays?

When should I have my holiday gifts delivered so that the caramels are fresh?

Can I send you my gift list rather than ordering through the website?

Can I send you cards to include with my gift?


General Questions

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

What if my order doesn’t arrive?


General Questions

What will you do with my personal information?


General Questions

What special offers are going on at this time?

How can I be notified of new products or special sales?

How do I contact you?

Can I get a catalog of your products?

Where are you located?

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